The Chaotic Parade of 100 Demons in Second Life

Hyakki Yagyou – Chaotic Parade (moderate)

Yooma Mayo’s latest installation opens today on LEA19. The artist was still working on an explanatory notecard for the landing point, so I’m going to be a bit cheeky and tell you what I think I now understand. :)

I didn’t realize how much danger I was in!

Hyakki Yagyou – Chaotic Parade (moderate)

The clue is in the name of the piece – Hyakki Yagyou.  Searching on that term you encounter a Japanese Folklore tale of the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons. This is not a benign event.

“Anyone who comes across the procession would perish or be spirited away by the youkai, unless protected by handwritten scrolls by anti-yokai onmyoji spellcasters”.

Hyakki Yagyou – Chaotic Parade (moderate)

As a work of art, the Parade is colour and movement and glorious. The number of details to be examined is overwhelming.

It is easy, in the face of so much and so many, to overlook the beauty of each of the individual demons (well, most of them. I’m not going to be fond of a giant centipede!). I’ve isolated a couple just to show you what I mean.

Hyakki Yagyou – Chaotic Parade (moderate)

If you are concerned about your safety (thinking about that centipede I was) and you don’t have a protective scroll, you can chant a magic spell of protection: “KA-TA-SHI-HA-YA, E-KA-SE-NI-KU-RI-NI, TA-ME-RU-SA-KE, TE-E-HI, A-SHI-E-HI, WA-RE-SHI-KO-NI-KE-RI”.

Hyakki Yagyou is marching through the sky of Second Life. I do love the grid!

Hyakki Yagyou – Chaotic Parade (moderate)
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