Without a Compass in Second Life

Hakinowa (general)

You know, in the physical world my typist has a phenomenal sense of direction. My avatar? Not so much.

This might be one of the reasons I have so much practice camming around the place. :)

Hakinowa (general)

It has been more than 18 months since I visited the sim called Hakinowa, and when I saw this image by Koro Carnell I decided to go see the changes. There are lots of things to enjoy; a dense forest, an extensive walkway and path, a grotto garden and even a mine.

I thought I was making the responsible decision when I entered that tunnel.

Hakinowa (general)

Sure there are carts here and there, but they come into the category of “vehicle” and we all know about my blanket driving ban. I didn’t even check to see if you could use them to travel through the shafts.

I made the smart *cough* choice to walk.

Hakinowa (general)

I got lost. No, I mean, I really got lost.

I tried teleporting back to my starting point, but that didn’t work. This could have been a viewer issue though, after all I also had particles turned off and that didn’t seem to make a difference to the weather. sigh

Hakinowa (general)
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  1. Hahaha! Oh no, I shouldn’t laugh. Are you blogging, trapped in the mines still? Do I need to send in rescue team? :D

  2. derrymcmahon

     /  May 27, 2014

    LOL! I’d offer to help find you when you are lost, but as Bear will attest, I’m just as easily turned around! But if you are lost, IM me and I’ll bring wine and a picnic basket!

  3. Getting lost in SL. Hmmm… Sounds like a great idea to me! (Well, temporarily, anyway…)
    I bet that rain is some that I have purchased – it’s textures instead of particles, and I love the stuff! The snow at our place above is from the same creator, and it’s completely brilliant!
    Thank you for sharing your adventures (and misadventures!) in SL. Very cool!
    (PS: I invited Aeon to the LEA Volunteers. He happily accepted and will accompany me sometimes until your next training.)
    Best always,

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