Japanese Role Play, a Designer, & (gasp) Selfie in Second Life

Blue Lotus Okiya (moderate)

Let’s just stipulate right now that I’m not a fashion photographer – one of the many reasons I don’t do selfies. However, I wound up doing something today that I rarely accomplish and I decided to show you the results.

It began when I followed Eddi Haskellto a Japanese roleplay sim called Blue Lotus Okiya.

Blue Lotus Okiya (moderate)

This Community doesn’t care if you’re a furry or (in my case) an alternate version of a human, just that you treat each other with respect and follow the very simple rules.

They tell you “This SIM is inspired by the traditions and culture of historical Japan. A place for cultural pursuits and enrichment in Second Life. Renge Koyama offers much opportunity for role play within the environment with the people you encounter here. Or can be a rest full retreat from your other activities. Even just a pleasant backdrop for your photography.

Blue Lotus Okiya (moderate)

I thought I’d be polite and find something appropriate to wear (they do say “Dress code is moderate and preferably of Japanese historical significance“), thinking of non-ninja Japanese traveler or adventurer type outfits. Nothing extravagant you understand, but another item in my closet for the occasions I wanted to fit into this type of world.

I went to Marketplace and stumbled on a designer’s store that made me forget all about my distaste for shopping. It seems I do much better when I really have no idea what I’m looking for.

Blue Lotus Okiya (moderate)

I fell in love with the colours and textures – and, omg, her photos are just brilliant. The result is that I now have the ability to appear at a formal event and be suitably attired.

One of the reasons this store is my kind of place – the gown came with hair and shoes. I didn’t have to try and find anything else.

So here’s the result – the image is not up to IrodorI standards, but the outfit now has pride of place in my inventory. I may have to buy more! :)

Blue Lotus Okiya (moderate)
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  1. Beautiful! All of them, inc. you! I love all your looks. Another sim for the To Do list.

  2. Absolutely lovely! Every shot a gem.

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