A Non-Girly Girl in Second Life

Mimikri Isle (general)

I followed Bitacora Viajera to Mimikri Isle this morning and found what I would classify as a very girly sim. This is actually the home base for a fashion store, but she’s landscaped it to give customers something pretty to explore.

Mimikri Isle (general)

It’s not my natural habitat, so I felt a little out of place … those who know me also know that I’m not the girly type. I did not get the clothes gene – my inventory of outfits is fairly extensive, as long as  you’re looking for casual other-worldly type avatars.

Mimikri Isle (general)

I recently went to a party celebrating Prim Perfect’s anniversary. Darling Saffia, who has a closet full of the stuff, decided it would be a formal affair. sigh

I could probably figure out a gown – although it would be long sleeved because I don’t have all those mesh body attachments people use – but the shoes would have been impossible. It’s not worth the angst to go into one of those stores.

Mimikri Isle (general)

By now Saffia knows my usual solution in this situation, I’ve been many things at her events. This time I went as a robot (he wore a bow tie as a nod to the dress code). One of the gorgeously attired women looked at me and said “OMG Honour! You’re going to change right?”.

I bet nobody asks these two if they’re going to change. Maybe I should just aim for “cute”. *grin*

Mimikri Isle (general)
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  1. /me takes a long inhale and says in a straining to not exhale voice, “Don’t ever change, dude, don’t ever change…” :::loud exhale:::

  2. OMD. You just be whoever (or whatever) you want to be, Honour. And that goes for the rest of you reading this too, by the way! SL is so wonderful for allowing us to explore our own personalities (and possibilities), and I say, “The sky’s the limit!” In this case…that’s pretty high up there!
    This is a pretty sim you’ve posted about, Honour. And, well, I’m one of those “girly-girls,” and I’ve been there (and will go again). Truth is, I’m a girly-girl when I’m not being something else (but I am ALWAYS a shopper)! *giggles*

  3. Guess I’d better correct my grammar before Aeon reads this… WHOMEVER. It’s WHOMEVER. OK, Aeon? :-)

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