No Signal in Second Life

No Signal by Nessuno Myoo (general)

You land in front of a long wooden pier and then, if you’re smart, you’ll accept the invitation and walk along it until you reach the end. In front of you is Nessuno Myoo’s latest creation – a fabulous and bizarre tower.

No Signal by Nessuno Myoo (general)

At first glance it appears to have every type of broadcast/communication hardware required to fill the hidden airwaves with all of those essential words & thoughts we send out into the universe every day.

When you look closer you realize that it’s in an advanced state of disrepair.

No Signal by Nessuno Myoo (general)

No Signal opens this afternoon at 2:00 pm SLT. Ness was still working on it when I went to take a look – so I’m just giving you a few close-ups. You’ll have to visit yourself to get the full effect. :)

The artist offers this little bit of information: “It’s a very special work, with inside a small mystery to unravel. So please: find all clues and ventured into the solution of the enigma, thanks to which will be revealed to you one of the singular key to the interpretation of the work“.

No Signal by Nessuno Myoo (general)

I can’t tell you what the secret is – I haven’t attempted the puzzle as of yet. We all know I’m really bad at them anyway, still my attempts will be made once he stops “finishing” it. Artists!

There is one discovery I can share – a lonely figure, high in the air, trying in vain to capture his errant hat. He looks remarkably like the artist. I love Ness’ works and this is one that offers a delightful challenge and experience.

No Signal by Nessuno Myoo (general)
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  1. Nessuno’s work is in that stratosphere of inspiration and creation that – for me – always transcends. We own several of his sculptural works, and when he exhibited at Ce Soir Arts, we, who had admired his artistry, truly fell in love with it. Having a luxury of time to spend immersed in the experience of those pieces was a true joy for us – and we take every opportunity to see what the artist is doing; every exhibit is a sweet surprise.
    I love your photographs here, Honour, and I am planning to visit this exhibit very soon. I had planned to go earlier today, but after a concert we experienced some technical problems that prevented us from staying in-world long enough to go anywhere. (SIGH…)
    Your post only heightens my interest. I was already intrigued when I received the invitation this morning. Yes…Nessuno’s art – with a mystery involved? Sounds transcendent to me!

  2. Ty so much Honuor for your kind tribute to my new installation! Love your post and I think that is a good mode for encourage people to find out more about the little mistery inside the tower…And ty so much also for your words Mireille, I know how much affection you have for my works my friend and hope that this new can give you a little bit of crazy fun… :°)

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