On a Beeswing in Second Life

Beeswing (moderate)

I dreamt that the name of this post would be “Peeling the Banana”, and I was tempted to use it even though it would have required considerable mental gymnastics to try and make it seem reasonable.

Given my normal luck, it would have been taken as a strange euphemism for something X-rated and physically impossible.

Beeswing (moderate)

Still, we are today returning to Banana Island. You might remember this as the site for Pangloss and, subsequently, The Pilgrim’s Dawn. Bowie Zeplin’s latest design is called Beeswing.

It’s “not quite finished”, but she gave in to my pouting and said I could publish a post – she’s so busy in real life, and it’s so close to being complete, I think it’s a shame to keep it secret any longer.

Beeswing (moderate)

You’ll find a dark and very densely atmospheric landscape. I lightened it for the purposes of the photos and, although I haven’t tried it myself, I suspect creative camera operators could do magical things with different Windlights.

I didn’t have a chance to ask her about the inspiration behind the design, so I’ve reached my own uneducated conclusions.

Beeswing (moderate)

Beeswing made me think of memories – childhood, formative events in one’s life, our backgrounds, and the things we choose to remember (accurately or not).

This is a wonderful place to explore and it’s another superb creation from a talented inworld sim designer. Even if it is only “almost finished”. :)

Beeswing (moderate)
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  1. Inara Pey

     /  May 8, 2014

    Ta for the heads-up on the change. Will have to go and investigate soon. Or given it is Banana Island, perhaps I should send one of my trusty little minions …?

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