When Mary Poppins Meets Apocalypse Now in Second Life

Undine Woods (moderate)

I find it remarkable just how many times my “scathingly brilliant” ideas turn into an adventure with a near fatal outcome.

Today’s was no exception, but my intentions were relatively innocent. I just didn’t do enough research first.

Undine Woods (moderate)

You see it was, once again, time for me to do the Poppins Challenge. For the past however many years I’ve been going to Alpha Point, which was not only a great sim but it gave some background interest to the photo.

Unfortunately, that region is no longer with us so it was time to find a different location.

Undine Woods (moderate)

I chose a seemingly unpopulated island – forests are good. I’m not an exhibitionist. Yes, I’ll take a photo of the naked me falling from the sky, but it will be PG and I don’t do it in front of spectators.

As the sun rose over the landscape, I noticed a few odd things. There are a small number of structures and they have strange notations, e.g., HP1500. I looked at the map and realized I was on one of a group of regions which are bound together by the Olds AFB.

Undine Woods (moderate)

Then the first plane came by on a bombing run. I felt a little exposed, and not just because the only clothes I was wearing were the power bracelets from yesterday.

Sooooo – I went 1000m up (figuring if planes can’t see the ground there’s no logic to them being that high) and did my jump surrounded by nothing but thin air. I don’t know how many Hit Points they’d have received for blowing me away.

Still, another year and another umbrella. :)

Undine Woods (moderate)
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  1. rhianonjameson

     /  May 6, 2014

    I would watch that movie: a musical with Mary Poppins heading down the Nung River to find Colonel Kurtz, singing all the way.

  2. Inara Pey

     /  May 8, 2014

    A belated happy rez day! You should have given me a call. Would’ve happily flown you up to 2-3K metres via helo somewhere … quiet … for the jump. :) .

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