Ascending in Second Life

The Ascension (moderate)

It could be purely coincidental that the official opening of The Ascension is on Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you). It probably is. I mean, the fact that Tansee says the “man of her dreams” is Yoda doesn’t imply anything.

The Ascension (moderate)

Her installation is about change – changing the way we think, changing the world by changing the way we “are”. She uses the chakra system as the frame for her installation, the colours and choices and journey.

The Ascension (moderate)

As the visitor, you have the power make the journey in your own way. From the starting point, with bubbles rising up into the air, various possibilities are offered and you decide.

The Ascension (moderate)

One decision I recommend you make is to visit this afternoon. Beginning at 2:00 pm SLT, there will be a particle performance by Skyfire with music by DJ Sunshine.

Come and share Tansee’s joy at the opening of her exhibit!

The Ascension (moderate)
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