Grab Your Boots & Go Wading in Second Life

H22O (moderate)

“Never run in the rain with your socks on”

I read an article this morning about the joys of walking – I don’t mean up to the store, I mean heading out and exploring by foot while you think and discover.

It seems May is National Walking Month in the UK – I’m declaring it the month of Wandering in Second Life. If you don’t do it regularly, try to head for somewhere completely new at least a few times a week. I’ll start you off with H22O.

H22O (moderate)

It should come as no surprise that a new landscape by Squonk Levenque involves water.  He did the glorious Treptower Park and 2304 Rain, both of which vanished far too quickly.

Tomorrow (Saturday, May 3) he and Miuccia Klaar will open the doors to H22O and, unless you have a pathological fear of rain or wet feet, I think you’ll fall in love with it.

H22O (moderate)

There you will find water, and birds, and odd buildings, and water, and the occasional animal, and water …..

We’ve all gotten used to the big, black, grand piano in a meadow of wild flowers – this time there’s a honky tonk piano on a pier.

H22O (moderate)

As a side technical note (we all know how techie I am) users of the Lab Viewer may have noticed some odd error messages lately. If you’ve clicked on a teleporter and there was no response, or you were told “A SLurl was received from an untrusted browser and has been blocked for your security”, you’ve stumbled on a teensy, tiny bug.

It’s a Viewer issue so if, like me, you find yourself in this sim’s tower and the door won’t open, keep trying or switch to this Maintenance Version. The change worked for me. :)

H22O (moderate)
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  1. Lovely captures ♥

  2. Beautiful photos! And a great idea. A month or so ago I started going for random walks on mainland continents. I haven’t seen a lot of beautiful places, but it has been a fascinating journey into memory. Things look like I remember from 2008.

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