Adventure #936 in Second Life Support

I’m doing SL wrong – again. Honestly, my ineptitude is well established and I really don’t need constant reminders.

I had received a simple enough request. Some of the people using an area of my land want to bring in a landscaper and she’ll need to alter the terrain. So, they wanted me to allow this.

The problem is that, for some reason, no matter what I do in group perms, nobody else has been able to modify the land. The obvious solution was to toggle the switch to allow “anybody” to edit terrain, at least temporarily. You can see below why this was an issue for me (ps I looked everywhere I could think of for the stupid thing).

I decided to deed this parcel to the group, thinking that might fix the perms issue. I got an error message saying I didn’t have enough land credits to do this – a known bug.

I opened a support ticket, explained my situation, and asked for either the location of the “allow edit terrain” toggle switch or advice on how to allow this person to do her job. I got a reply that they had restarted the region. sigh

This action for some unknown reason, undoubtedly my own inadequacy, did absolutely nothing to fix the problem.

I am a devoted user of the official viewer, however in this instance the solution was to move to a TPV, locate the button on the options panel (precisely where I had expected it to be) and toggle. I’m sure there’s still a simple way to do what was always a straightforward task – but it appears that now mesh is not the only thing beyond my capabilities.

I’d switch from land to water, but to do that I’d have to be able to edit the terrain. ;)


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  1. >> I decided to deed this parcel to the group, thinking that might fix the perms issue. I got an error message saying I didn’t have enough land credits to do this – a known bug. <<

    Maybe this is not the solution for the problem above, but have you checked your land contribution to the group you want to deed land to? Just in case, open the group profile panel and click on the "Land & L$" tab. In the "Your contribution" text box see if you have enough square meters assigned. Most of the times the problem you describe have to do with land contribution not being assigned to the group.

    • I did and was not allowed to add what was needed :)

      The bug is that sometimes the system thinks the land owner is trying to own the same amount of land twice – or that’s how it was explained in the wiki. The solution is to contact support. :P

  2. One of the reasons people are so devoted to some Third Party Viewers is the wonderful support groups they have where you can get help with these problems, things you don’t know but are there somewhere in the viewer.

    I think a support group for the LL viewer would be a great idea, although perhaps newbies would clag it up asking the same thing over and over. I had to use the official viewer recently to see fitted mesh. It was most frustrating as I tried to find some way to tp someone to me. Even finding the “worn” tab took me a few moments of clicking around and as for changing the WL setting, I had no idea where the list of them is to choose.

    It was a big mistake for LL to remove the official mentor program and I think a lot of newbies move to the TPV because they can find help more easily. Recently I was speaking to a 3 day old newbie who was already on a TPV.

  3. Er JMB Balogh. LOL.


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