An Open Letter to Second Life Zombies

Shoregate (adult)

Dear Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms. Zombie:

I’m not overly familiar with your kind and I suspect what little I do know has been distorted by the liberal media. It is apparent, however, that you have a problem with public perception.

Shoregate (adult)

The stories I have heard lead me to conclude that at least part of your image issues stem from your design aesthetic. Minimal and Industrial are legitimate choices – I will defend your right to them in the face of any type of opposition.

Shoregate (adult)

It just seems to me that you could achieve a kinder/gentler reputation if you took a few minutes away from shuffling and brain eating to add one or two softer touches to your hunting grounds.

For example, a window box with trailing petunias would go a long way to brightening up the landscape.

Shoregate (adult)

If the information I’ve been given is correct, you are quite obsessed with terrorizing and eating the innocent ….. well food disorders are unfortunately quite common in our society.

But, and I say this with a genuine desire to help, would it kill you to plant a f*cking tree?

Shoregate (adult)
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  1. … racist.


  2. orijinalchris

     /  April 23, 2014


  3. /me laughs!


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