Cica Goes Surfing in Second Life

Spanish Wells (moderate)

I was determined to do a blog post today – even though I’ve been very distracted (more on that in a bit). I finally followed Ziki and others to Spanish Wells.

Imagine you had a surfing sim and wanted a special landscape – the first person you might think of is Cica Ghost – you know, Cica of Rust and Little Village among other great builds.

Spanish Wells (moderate)

If she wouldn’t have been the person you thought of, I’m very very glad that this sim owner – shannon Cardalines – was smart enough to do so.

This is not your standard beach, it’s pure Cica. From the Sand Man – who dislodges a few grains every time he moves – to the truly outrageous trees and quirky animals, it’s a landscape you’ll love.

Spanish Wells (moderate)

I took a friend with me to see Spanish Wells. He re-appeared a few days ago in SL after an absence of many years. I don’t just mean pre-mesh, we’re talking pre-Windlight.

He’s been blown away by the amazing sims and the changes he’s seen. It takes something like watching him rediscover the grid to realize just how far we’ve come.

Spanish Wells (moderate)

Getting to show him something that is both practical – well, you do get to surf – and artistic and beautiful was fun.

Helping him update his avatar is a little more difficult given my challenges in the shopping area – but I’m working on it. In the meantime, I’m thoroughly enjoying his enthusiasm for sights that I might have been taking for granted. :)

Spanish Wells (moderate)
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  1. Kate Bergdorf

     /  April 21, 2014

    Such beautiful images!

  2. shannon Cardalines

     /  April 21, 2014

    Thank you so much Ms. McMillian for your lovely piece on Spanish Wells. Happy waves…

  1. Spanish Wells | Wurfi's Second Life

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