Beaches & Opportunities in Second Life

Santaurio (moderate)

I have some “meatier” posts in the queue, but they’ll have to wait until I have time to do a better job on them. Before I head off into the unknown territory that is RL, I decided to follow Ziki to Santaurio.

By the way, following Ziki is always a good idea – her post today makes me want to ditch all of my lists and explore some more. That will have to wait.

Santaurio (moderate)

This island is a lush tropical landscape with lots of beaches. It’s also gaining traffic quickly – a half naked man named Vittorio landed on my head as I was looking around. He was very, um, tanned.

A simple case of unfortunate timing has the design start off with a crashed plane. Think “Lost” rather than real life tragedy though.

Santaurio (moderate)

This is a gorgeous sim and I was definitely overdressed (my new friend had some suggestions about wardrobe which I ignored).

If you can bring yourself to move away from the beach you’ll find rock cliffs, and hidden pools, and the ruins of whatever civilization used to inhabit the island.

Santaurio (moderate)

I left the sun-worshipers to complete this travelogue and get ready for my plunge into muggle-land.

Oh … if you happen to run into Vittorio, he assures me he is very talented in a number of areas. I chose to forgo the demonstration, but the opportunity is there if you are so inclined.

Santaurio (moderate)
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  1. Lovely pictures, as always.

    The placement of the “um” regarding your new friend’s tan makes me wonder which half was naked. And no, I’m not really looking for an answer. If one of his many talents is home repair, however, please do let me know.

  2. Completely unrelated to this I paid hommage to one of my fav SL bloggeristas:

  3. If you’re going to do a meatier post, can you make it about bacon?

  4. I want photography lessons. Your images are so good Honour! And you are doing this with a normal level graphics card!

  1. Santaurio | Second Life Exploring Destinations

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