Focus & Neglect in Second Life

Lalla (moderate)

I’ve surfaced after a couple of days of focused work, and have promised myself time outside puttering in the garden.

Getting the project finished feels so good that I changed the weather on Lalla. Although it’s really pretty, I didn’t want rain and altered it to simply overcast. The dinosaur didn’t mind.

Lalla (moderate)

The sim is lovely – and you’ll find board games, beautiful vistas, secluded spots, and just plain cool stuff.

Back to me – it took much longer than it should have to finish off the work I was doing. Once I looked up from the screen, and started thinking about it, I realized my GPU was state-of-the-art for about 45 seconds, 6 years ago. I went and priced some new video cards ….

Lalla (moderate)

and the new power pack which would be required …. and, what the hell, a new CPU/motherboard. It’ll take me a while to save enough, but I have plans. :p

I also looked around RL for a while and discovered that I’ve been neglecting a few things.

Lalla (moderate)

It seems the dog got lost in the backyard again. When you only weigh 5 pounds, 18 inch tall grass is a major problem.

I’ll get to the puttering, once I harvest the the lawns. Maybe if I put this stuff on my calendar I’d remember to get it done.

Lalla (moderate)
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  1. Replacing the motherboard, graphics card, and power supply is also known as “getting a new computer.”

    • /me grins

      I thought of pricing a new system- but I know it’s less expensive doing it yourself. Normally that would not be an option…
      But then I realized I’d moved a video card from one computer to another – so I’ve installed one of those.
      I moved a power pack from one computer to another, again an installation.
      Maybe I can do this :)

  2. What’s with this “maybe” business? YOU CAN DO THIS!
    And you will.
    Computers are really something, and I admire your willingness to pop the hood. I think that’s brave and smart.
    Go for it!

  3. Skimmer

     /  April 15, 2014

    Cool format camera in the photo. Got the shop’s LM for that? Also, you CAN build your own computer, its very easy. May I recommend this website?

    There are several other pages in the article suggesting their recommended parts, it might be a little technical but the first sample build at 587 bucks is good enough to run SL. Besides, you can re-use some of your components and save $ too.

    • thank you for the link :)

      I don’t know the builder but it’s not far on that sim from the slurl I give (click on the name of the sim under the photo for the slurl)

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  2. Focus & Neglect in Second Life | Second Lif...

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