Hope Springs in Second Life

NorderNey (moderate)

NorderNey seemed like an appropriate backdrop for today’s musings. The region’s subtitle, “There is always hope”, is one of those sentimental truisms that make cynics scoff and keeps the desperate hanging on.

Don’t underestimate the power of this feeling – a few years back the world breathed a huge collective sigh of relief, and a Nobel Peace Prize was awarded, just on the strength of the shared sense of hope.

NorderNey (moderate)

Yesterday Ebbe Altberg gave a keynote address at the VWBPE Conference. There were 200 avatars present and another 150+ watching the livestream. The mood before he began was pretty neutral – he’s still an unknown quantity and judgment is being reserved.

He dove right in: the decision to remove the education discount? a big mistake; the ToS? that’s wrong and getting fixed; the policy saying Lindens can’t be inworld? changed. There was a lot more.

NorderNey (moderate)

He spoke for over an hour, mostly answering questions, and then hung around to chat to people casually.  The new CEO came across as sensible, passionate, clear-headed, and somebody who actually listens. There was even a well articulated reasoning behind the times he thinks he shouldn’t listen.

NorderNey (moderate)

Local chat was scrolling fast and furiously – the mood was upbeat and very positive. There were lots of questions, and comments, and cheers, and the audience came away with hope.

One of the best phrases that went skittering across my screen was from somebody who said “Can we keep him?”.  Try and make the time to watch the video, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. :)

NorderNey (moderate)
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