The Trouble With Italians in Second Life

MiC Imaginarium (general)

A few years ago I was working with a couple of Italian artists/musicians to orient a DJ so he could do a set. I mentioned that I really had to learn to speak Italian (it would have made things much easier) and one of the women said, “Don’t bother. There aren’t many of us in Second Life.”

My SL is obviously very different than hers, I’m surrounded by individuals from that country.  This poses a bit of a problem because, it turns out, I have a major vulnerability.

MiC Imaginarium (general)

I love accents of all kinds and European accents in particular. To those of us in North America they’re exotic and sexy and musical. Ireland, Scotland, and France host three of my favourites, but a man’s voice with an Italian accent is magic.

We recently did a Designing Worlds show about LEA and there’s a huge section that made me weak. Listening to Livio and Slatan, all I could hear were their voices. They could have been reading a technical manual for all I cared, just as long as they didn’t stop.

MiC Imaginarium (general)

I’ve been watching a couple of Italian mystery series online  – luckily there are subtitles. One of the results of this extended enjoyment of those shows is that I’ve been dreaming in Italian. Although I still don’t speak the language, I’ve never understood my dreams anyway so it’s not a huge issue. In fact, they’re more enjoyable this way.

All of which brings me to MiC Imaginarium, one of my favourite locations for art inworld. It’s a project sponsored by a group of museums in Rome.

MiC Imaginarium (general)

This is a beautiful place to visit even when there are no installations showing – the water, the underground grotto, the buildings. Gorgeous! They’ve added something called PsychoCity which involves well attended sessions with a RL Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist on Social Thinking. It’s only a guess, but I suspect it’s in Italian.

I wouldn’t deny that therapy would probably do me some good, however it would be tough to participate in the discussion if I spent all my time as a giant puddle under a chair.

MiC Imaginarium (general)
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  1. When I read the title of your post in my feed reader I nearly fell off the chair. Oh my, what did we do to Honour?!? I’m glad to find that we have a good influence… :)

    Ciao bella…. :)

  2. Oh, my! This is wonderful on so many levels that I hardly know where to begin!
    First…accents. SIGH…. As a French-born, raised-in-America-and-England girl, I sooooo relate! I fall for Englishmen routinely (I was going to say, “Don’t tell Aeon!” but…he already knows!), and my heart goes pitter-pat when the Frenchmen turn on the charm. Mais, oui !
    Second…this sim! I cannot wait to go there (and so, I won’t – I’ll go on my next login!)! Museums are fantastic places of learning, rich with history and examples of some of the finest work ever done in various disciplines. In part because of my RL work (and in part because I LOVE them!), these kinds of places have been home to me, wherever I’ve roamed – including SecondLife – and now, there is a whole collection of museums at work? Wonderful!
    I always find something good here, Honour. Thank you, so much!

  1. The Trouble With Italians in Second Life | Seco...

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