Warm Up That Camera Finger in Second Life

Aspen Fell (moderate)

I haven’t gone looking through the Destination Guide for a while, but Inara has.  She used it to find this glorious sim called Aspen Fell.

Aspen Fell (moderate)

She explains the region well in her post and talks about the options in terms of Windlight. I stuck to Region Default, even though it’s dark, because it was such a relief to find night used so beautifully without vampires or other life threatening species.

Aspen Fell (moderate)

The sim is named for the owner/builder and he has done a superb job of creating a landscape that is, paradoxically enough, warm and relaxing. You’ll find paths to wander, places to sit, and vistas that will intrigue you.

Aspen Fell (moderate)

If you’ve ever felt an itch in that camera finger, prepare yourself. I don’t know how anybody can resist trying to capture some shots. I’ll warn you though, it’s so peaceful and visually appealing, you may find a few hours have disappeared. This is well worth your time.

Aspen Fell (moderate)
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