Playing With Water in Second Life

The Outer Harbor (moderate)

I’m trying to get a project finished, so I didn’t distract myself by exploring this morning. I do have a small amount of self-discipline on occasion. :)

These two images are just to illustrate some experiments I’ve been doing with the Environment Editor. As much as I love playing with Windlight, I get frustrated by how flat the water becomes with most of them. For once I decided to push some buttons and see what the water settings could do.

I moved the two Fresnel sliders and wound up with something I think is a little more interesting. Needs far more investigation on my part – I’ll do that when the work is done.

The Outer Harbor (moderate)
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  1. Don’t you just love pushing buttons ? :) ♥

  2. I think this is very cool – and very brave! I love unique environments…but I am SUCH a chicken! Maybe I’ll try something new now. I like that we can play with the “waviness” of light in the water. (Dare I admit that I hadn’t even loooooked before now?)

  1. Playing With Water in Second Life | Second Life...

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