Sauce: This Time it’s Personal in Second Life

Sauce by Maya Paris (moderate)

“It’s like sucking real life through a straw” Fishslappers Gazette

Are you looking for love? Are you navigating the personal ads trying to find the “one”? Is technology going to help you in this modern age? Or are you constantly running into specimens from the shallow end of the gene pool?

And what about your own attributes. Are you measuring up to the internet’s definition of the type of person who makes people reach for “sauce”?

Sauce by Maya Paris (moderate)

Maya Paris has just opened her latest satirical look at modern life, Sauce: This Time It’s Personal is a wild romp through the dating scene. I’m having a lot of difficulty talking about this installation without revealing any of the surprises, but I’ll try.

I can start by saying that sharks are present and vital to the experience.

Sauce by Maya Paris (moderate)

The invitation reads: “Fancy a bit of Seaside Sauce? Slap on your wig and flash those knobbly knees because this time it’s personal. Test your Sauce Factor, try your luck at the Modern Love Bureau, get sparky in the Saucy Science lab, and take a headlong dive into a sea of plenty more fish & chips.” 

That’s clear, right?

Sauce by Maya Paris (moderate)

There a few things I can safely share. First, take a friend. You’ll have even more fun if there’s two of you. Also, as a first date this could be very, um, bonding.

Secondly, read the tips at the starting point. They won’t make any sense either, at least until you need them, but the part about clicking on everything is IMPORTANT. Finally, when you get to the end you’ve got to spend time exploring the whole area. Don’t miss all the cool treats.

Plan to spend some time at Sauce. I think you’ll laugh as much as I did.  :)

Sauce by Maya Paris (moderate)
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