Frisland, When the Phantom Becomes Virtual in Second Life

Frisland (moderate)

I rarely post about openings before the date on which they happen. Many of us have difficulty remembering what we had for breakfast, never mind the fact that somebody told us about a new sim last week that we can’t visit yet.

I’ll make an exception today because RL is going to consume a lot of my time this weekend. So make a note for Sunday March 30, which is the day I believe that Frisland will open to the public.

Frisland (moderate)

We’ve all had the experience of trying to teleport to a region in Second Life only to discover that it doesn’t exist. Imagine how much more annoying it would be in the 16th or 17th Century to head off on a major exploration and find out that the island on your map wasn’t there.

Frisland (moderate)

When Frislanda Ferraris googled his name (and we’ve all done that), he encountered the history of Phantom Islands. These were carefully placed on world maps for hundreds of years based on the exploits of testoserone (and rum) fueled dare devils, either very confused or just wanting to produce some results for their patrons.

Frisland (moderate)

One of those phantom islands was named Frisland.  Our virtual hero suggested to his friends that they create an inworld version of what is only imaginary in real life. The result is a landscape designed by three SL photographers; Frislanda, Anna Barzane, and Charlie Namiboo.

Frisland (moderate)

I had a lot of fun snapping pics on this island. It’s has great visuals and lots of opportunities to explore, dance, and even sit quietly looking at scenery. Write that note to yourself and, when it’s open, go visit Frisland. I promise – it’s really there.

Frisland (moderate)
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