Tribal Renovations in Second Life

alpha.tribe (moderate)

What seems like many years ago, I received a tip about a special kind of skin store from Dale Innis. The place is called alpha.tribe and not only do they sell the type of painted skins I love, they package them with complete outfits. You can see many of them here.

alpha.tribe (moderate)

In addition to their Dragon skin, which you can see in my profile pic on the right, I freely admit that I have a great many of their products in my inventory. Going to this store isn’t like shopping for me, it’s more of an essential inventory update.

alpha.tribe (moderate)

I’m telling you all of this because Alpha Auer, the artist who owns the place, has after 3 years decided to renovate. What we have now is an assemblage of fantastic art installations. You can read much more on her blog about the changes and the things you’ll find.

alpha.tribe (moderate)

Starting at the landing point, from which you can see the store, you can teleport to Pastoral, the Tower of Heteronyms, and more. You can also fly around and explore the follies, rez your own props or poseballs for photos or machinima, or (as I wound up doing) make a new friend.

Alpha tells me she’s not finished yet, but I had a lot of fun exploring what’s there already. :)

alpha.tribe (moderate)
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  1. Well…Aeon and I had visited Alpha Tribe a loooong time ago and purchased some very interesting skins that we were planning to wear in a play. So many things happened (as is the way of life in both realms), and the play was not presented. However, we are now exploring the same idea (and what feels like a host of others), so this post was of great interest. I can’t wait for Aeon to come in for lunch so I can show him; I can almost guarantee that our recent (somewhat idle) explorations will be kicked up a few notches because of the information you have shared.
    Again, you hit the mark, Honour – even though our mark can be extremely unpredictable and a bit of “all over the landscape” as well! These skins are really something; the artistry is outstanding, and I will continue to appreciate that even if our explorations remain more-or-less idle for the foreseeable future. Who knows, though? I might just log off in a bit so I can create a new avatar (if I can just come up with a name!)…

  2. Alpha Auer

     /  March 25, 2014

    wow! Thank you soooo much for this Honour! And I love the title of this post – “tribal renovations” – just love it, and all else that you wrote about the place! Thank you again!

  3. Alpha Auer

     /  March 25, 2014

    and the beautiful pictures too of course. Forgot to add that, and so now I am cluttering up your blog with repeat comments here…

  1. Tribal Renovations in Second Life | Second Life...
  2. Tribal Renovations in Second Life | Second Life...

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