The Art of Insanity in Second Life

Insanity by Cherry Manga (moderate)

The current exhibit at Per4mance MetaLES is Insanity by Cherry Manga. This is not a comfortable installation to visit but it is powerful and, in many ways, beautiful.

Insanity by Cherry Manga (moderate)

We throw words like crazy or mad around a lot in everyday conversation. The reality is more like broken and painful. It also has the unpleasant effect of imprisoned.

Insanity by Cherry Manga (moderate)

The most jarring portion of the build, to me anyway, was a group of chairs set up for visitors to sit and just stare at the afflicted. They were occupied during my visit by avatars in brightly coloured clothes, which somehow made it worse, so I haven’t included them.

Insanity by Cherry Manga (moderate)

In the midst of all of the disturbing images I found one I chose to view as hopeful. Given the continued absence of a magic wand, compassion and understanding are the key.

There are no fairies, or purple mushrooms, but this is an exhibit well worth visiting.

Insanity by Cherry Manga (moderate)
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  1. Lovely images, as always. Love the ocher lighting, not sure if it is your’s or the sim’s but whichever, it works.

    You’re right, the words “mad” and “crazy” are frequently carelessly and sometimes cruelly thrown around. (They are also part of the normal language and one can get a bit too precious being overly-correct and/or overly sensitive, so there’s that pesky gray area.) These images portray but *one* aspect of mental illness — perhaps a cliched one. I’m balking at the word “insanity” because again, it is over-used and under-defined. I’m also balking at the words “broken”, “imprisoned” and “afflicted”. Those words too set people apart, “those poor broken crazies over there” and “us normal people over here” and we should all feel pity. Ugh.

    Frankly, I’ve seen few people in my life (and zero, sorry, but zero people in SL) who don’t display some type of mental “instability”. Welcome to humanity.

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  2. The Art of Insanity in Second Life | Second Lif...

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