Notes From Second Life

The Temperance Club (moderate)

If you’re looking for “International LIVE! DJs playing mix of Dance, House, Tech House, Tribal, Electro, Progressive, Hip Hop, Trance, Trap, Techno, Dirty Dutch, Top 40 Events & FIGHT NIGHTS!” then I’d say The Temperance Club on Metropolis City certainly has the right environment. :)

I’ll use this cityscape as the backdrop for a few bits & pieces gathered over the past couple of days.

The Temperance Club (moderate)

If you’re interested in the different ways photographers “see” Second Life, and perhaps more inclined to Jazz, Blues, and the occasional pop song, then check out the opening of an exhibit at 2:00 pm SLT this afternoon at Timamoon Arts.

Bear Silvershade and Derry McMahon will unveil Bright Lights/DarkShadows with the song stylings of Pippa Exonar.

The Temperance Club (moderate)

You will remember I spoke about the Second Life Winter Games which were going to take place this month. For a variety of reasons the Games have been postponed to December.

This is actually good news – it gives the organizers, venue builders and teams the time they need to do things right, without rushing to achieve an impossible deadline.

The Temperance Club (moderate)

I hope you also remember the announcement way back in September of The Freedom Project. Jointly sponsored by the University of Western Australia, Virtual Ability and the Centre for ME/CFS and Other Invisible Illnesses group in Second Life, the project invited artists and film makers from all over the world who self-identify as having a disability or a chronic illness to create art or machinima representing ways in which the virtual world has helped them or those around them.

The results will be revealed at the THANK YOU Ceremony and Exhibition Launch tomorrow, March 23, at 5:00 pm SLT. This should be fabulous and a reminder of a major benefit of virtual worlds which is often overlooked.

The Temperance Club (moderate)
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  1. Oh, this is why I love your blog, just read about The Freedom Project from here now and I think that is a stop I need to make tomorrow. :D

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