An Aide-mémoire for Blogging Second Life

It All Starts With a Smile (general)

One of the regions where spring has sprung is Kaelyn Alecto’s It All Starts With a Smile. You’ll find a combination of sweet country and Italian mountain village, with lots of places to sit and de-stress.

It All Starts With a Smile (general)

My thoughts today are about, oddly enough, search. It’s really Uccie’s fault. She sent me a landmark and said that she’d tried to determine if I’d already been to that sim, but (my bad) I don’t have a search button on the blog.

It All Starts With a Smile (general)

This is an issue for me as well – I try and check to see if I’ve been somewhere before, but lately even Google won’t give me good results on this site. I’m sure there is a variety of search tools available for the different types of WordPress blogs. I decided I’d better look at what I could get.

It All Starts With a Smile (general)

It turns out that there is a WordPress search. After some experimentation I discovered that entering the name of the sim, and the category I would use, brings up my old posts on that destination. This would have helped me enormously! The really good news is that I found the obvious solution (thanks to Ricco Saenz) and there is now a Search widget on the sidebar.

So Uccie yes, I knew I had been there, but now I can actually find the post to show you. :)

It All Starts With a Smile (general)
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  1. But why don’t you add a search button to the blog? Sorry, I didn’t get it.

  2. What great use of color, especially on that wooden fence!

  1. An Aide-mémoire for Blogging Second Life...

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