Changing My Luck in Second Life

Mlastina de Moarte (adult)

I have been trying for almost a week to do a post about Spring. Think pretty pictures of lovely landscapes – a way to ignore the snow or mud outside the physical walls. It hasn’t been working for me.

Textures haven’t been rezzing, my fps has sunk to “Hahaha you actually want to move your camera?”, and crashes have become the norm. Yesterday I reach the bottom of the gaping hole of gloom.

Mlastina de Moarte (adult)

I tried logging back in after a failure and couldn’t. The viewer wouldn’t load. I uninstalled, reinstalled, clean installed, and nothing worked.

After seeking out hidden cache files, and deleting everything I could find, I tried again. It turned out that there was a crash report trying to contact the servers and it was hanging up – I just couldn’t see it before.  Maybe it was shy.

Mlastina de Moarte (adult)

At one point during the argument with bits & bytes, one of my darling cats was startled by a barking dog. It happened as he was lying on the desk. He went one way, my technologically advanced progressive glasses – you know the ones that make it possible for me to walk around – went another.

The good news is that I found all the pieces. The bad news is that I now explore Real Life with my computer glasses perched on the end of my nose. Peering over the top of them makes me look a little grumpy.

Mlastina de Moarte (adult)

I decided to change my luck by going in a different direction. I saw this post on Caminante de Suenos and went to visit Mlastina de Moarte.  The land description reads “Welcome to the Champions of Death clan Estate where human, lycan and vampire coexist. A decadent land hidden within the marshes with a taste of Creole. Or visit the Dolls of Death, a place of debauchery and sin“.

If you’d prefer sunshine then check out these images.  I’ll try for “pretty” again tomorrow. :)

Mlastina de Moarte (adult)
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