Racing Through a Mansion in Second Life

The Lefevre Mansion (moderate)

My schedule dictated that today’s explorations would have to be short, but I did want to go visit The Lefevre Mansion. The Mansion and park occupy two sims and have been designed/constructed by Kaya Angel, well known for the jewel that is The Rose Theatre.

The inside of this building is everything it should be; luxurious, opulent, gorgeous, and romantic. I fell in love with these lamps. :)

The Lefevre Mansion (moderate)

You can find out much more about The Lefevre Mansion (with videos) on their website, including information for those wishing for a truly spectacular location for a wedding.

Once you’ve poked around in all the stunning corners inside, go explore the grounds and the park with its buildings next door. This is a lovely new addition to the grid!

The Lefevre Mansion (moderate)
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  1. Oh wow, how beautiful. I’m going to check it out soon.

  1. Racing Through a Mansion in Second Life | Secon...

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