A Brilliant Tropical Landscape in Second Life

Isla Okiddo (adult)

My project to catch up on things I meant to do weeks ago is progressing, and today I finally made it to Isla Okiddo. I know that Liara Okiddo has spent months designing, building and landscaping this sim and the results are superb.

Isla Okiddo (adult)

She has created a lush tropical world with steampunk elements and unique twists to serve as a backdrop and gallery for artists. The majority of the works I saw fit squarely into the “adult” category – but even if that’s not your thing, this build is worth visiting.

Isla Okiddo (adult)

It’s not easy to create the sense of “jungle”. Hours of rezzing and plant selection and hair-pulling and revisions are required, but Liara has succeeded brilliantly and created a landscape that is a work of immersive art on its own.

Isla Okiddo (adult)

It will take you hours to see everything, to explore the hilltops/walkways/forest and even underwater paths. I think you’ll enjoy every minute of it. :)

Isla Okiddo (adult)
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  1. Rhianon Jameson

     /  March 4, 2014

    People keep raising the bar for sim design. That picture of the ship on the rocks, for example, is just stunning in the realism of the planks, the different texture of the covers of the holds, and the barrels. Of course, it helps that the photographer has a system good enough to incorporate shadows. :)

  1. A Brilliant Tropical Landscape in Second Life |...
  2. A Brilliant Tropical Landscape in Second Life |...

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