Changing the Perspective in Second Life

SrS Corp (moderate)

Today’s (dark) location is the main store of SrS Corp – a major gun/weapons dealer. It’s a cool build to explore even if you’re not trying to arm a platoon of paramilitary types, and I needed a place with lots of straight vertical lines.

At least they’re supposed to be vertical. If you look on either side of the images you’ll see the type of distortion we’re used to inworld. The definition of “vertical” becomes a little loose.

SrS Corp (moderate)

This phenomenon is so “normal” to us that I, at least, rarely even take notice of it.  The fact that buildings take on the gravity defying angles they sometimes do, or that interiors appear to have been created without plumb bobs, is just part of our world.

SrS Corp (moderate)

They say that necessity is the Mother of invention, it’s also my usual motivation for learning something new. In this case, having a client who wants their builds to look like “they’re supposed to” means I’m spending time acquiring a new skill.

SrS Corp (moderate)

Note that I said “acquiring” – I haven’t mastered anything yet. I am, however, enjoying the process of experimenting with a post-production tool I’ve never tried before.  That would be the “perspective” button in Gimp (I know the function exists in Photoshop as well).

SrS Corp (moderate)

You might never need this, or care, but you could want to play with it just as an exercise in the magic of photo editing.

If you look at the right hand side of those shelves above and then below, you’ll see what I mean. Clicking on them to see the full-sized versions might help. I have lot more practicing to do, but I’m making some progress. :)

Update: See the much simpler solution in the next post↑.

SrS Corp (moderate)
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  1. So it’s not just my cheap monitor distorting the view!! I’ll be forever grateful to you Honour.

    • You’ll be even happier tomorrow :) I’ve been told of a keyboard shortcut that fixes it – I still have to experiment first. I’ll report in the morning.

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