Getting Schooled in Second Life

Coppelia (moderate)

Blogging is one of those things I (we?) do because we enjoy it. I’ve always said it’s really a case of thinking out loud or talking to ourselves in public. It seems then that most of the internal dialogues I decide to share are triggered by destinations and/or art in Second Life.

I read a post on another blog yesterday which told me that I’m doing it all wrong. :) I’d link to it if I could remember where it was so you’d know how inadequate I am, but I can’t find it again and, frankly, my rut is so deep I’m not prepared to change. This doesn’t mean, however, that I refuse to learn or change my mind on all subjects.

Coppelia (moderate)

Today’s lesson came courtesy of Coppelia, an “artist cooperative sim where all resources and expenses are shared equally by its members”. They will mark their first anniversary this afternoon with a celebration and group show at 6:00 pm SLT.

The group is composed of a truly impressive collection of talents:

  • Serra Qendra
  • Philodemus (Dave Searby Mason)
  • Eifachfilm Vacirca
  • Jo Ellsmere
  • Glyph Graves
  • Stelarc
  • Oberon Onmura
  • Artee Despres
  • Pol Jarvinen
  • FreeWee Ling
Coppelia (moderate)

One of the names on that list was new to me (it’s not like I’m an expert) and I did a bit of online research. Stelarc is an Australian performance artist “who is a pioneer of extreme performances and of performances helped by interactive robotic systems and virtual reality”.

I can’t even begin to articulate his premise/fears/loves/philosophy because I certainly don’t fully comprehend it. What strikes me though, apart from his intriguing (and decades long) exploration of human evolution as it is impacted by technology, is his level of commitment. The man has an ear grafted onto his arm.

Coppelia (moderate)

When I first saw the words “performance artist” I was prepared to dismiss him without any effort or consideration. I’ve become extremely jaded by the reality that anybody can call themselves an artist and by a troll who uses the “performance artist” label to justify juvenile griefing pranks.

I was wrong to turn my back on an entire genre because of my loathing for one individual. Coppelia is a fascinating collection of artists and their works. It also taught me a valuable lesson. I wish them a very happy anniversary and hope for many more! :)

Coppelia (moderate)
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  1. I’m not sure if I read the same schooling blog as you did. It had some valid points, albeit ironically in teeny, white type with lousy page layout as to make one’s head spin. I think blogging in general IS “talking to yourself in public” or a public diary. Good blogs take it a bit further, though, and do consider possible readers — in content, style and layout. You get A’s, dear. Your content is always interesting, your casual chatting style is well written and engaging. Sure, you use the dreaded first-person but not in the way the blog (that I read) was describing. It is part of your shtick and it works. And thank the gods you understand about readability, with good font and line spacing and terrific use of excellent photos (with hardly any selfies at all!).

    Like you I cringe at the term “performance artist” and would run quickly in the opposite direction if told “here is one coming along”. Thanks for making me reconsider that response, although I will leave the track shoes on, just in case.

    • LOL Right – it’s my shtick and I’m sticking to it. *grin*

      The exhibit of his work references a number of rl installations and I found them and the progression fascinating – it required some googling to put it into context for me, but then I’m in kindergarten as far as this type of work goes. :)

      It might just be that it’s his topic that made me feel more comfortable in terms of wanting to spend the time appreciating his work.

  2. I’m missing blogging (talking to myself aloud) and am currently getting my kicks out vicarious through yours (and a few others). A SL blog without good photos is like… (well, generally they are too much like private diaries filled with who-gives-a-shit personal angst and vendettas and general drama). I had hoped a recent technology boost would put me once more into blogging and photography but alas, no. I’m not sure why as in every other computing aspect this new-used computer is kicking butt. I can walk around SL better than I could before but still not well enough to fly/drive/sail/ride things and as soon as I hit “shadow” anything in graphics it is ker-ash. So keep up the awesome work (like you need me to say that).
    I’m just rambling here because I want to blog… (laughing)

  3. The post you’re referring to is probably Thirza Ember’s: (I happen to be one of the people she approached for comments; she dropped my #1 don’t,” which was “Don’t gush”). Anyway I enjoy your blog, even though I don’t always quite follow your chain of thought :-D and on my newsreader the photos always show up tiny.

    • Thank you and if you did manage to follow my chain of thought on a continuous basis you’d probably need medical attention. :p

      I write what I want, when I feel like it, and often it’s more “stream of consciousness” than anything resembling carefully constructed prose.

      People are free to write the rules they feel should apply to anybody touching on subjects they consider “theirs”. I’m free to nod and then ignore them. I do try not to offend artists or creators though.

      Luckily for me I enjoy what I do. :)

  4. Your blog is one of my favourites. Please continue to ‘do it all wrong’ for as long as possible :)

  5. Your blog is one of my favorites.

    • aww Thank you :)

      I really didn’t intend this post as an exercise in fishing for compliments. I do appreciate anybody who reads the blog (and even the multitudes who don’t) though. *grin*

      • I’m sure you weren’t fishing for compliments; my statement was all I could come up with in the moment. But now I’m a little more stirred up so I came back.

        I actually wrote three more paragraphs here and then counted no less than 23 I, me and my’s–so I’m moving them over to my own blog. .

  6. To me, blogging is a very personal journey. There’s no how-to manual on how to do it successfully. Blogging is what’s in you and what you want to share with your readers. You are one of my favorite bloggers, I hope you never change the way you do things. <3

  7. There are a handful of blogs – SL-related and otherwise – that have had an important influence on me, and yours is definitely on that short list.
    Thank you.

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