Juxtaposition & The 9,999th Passenger on Second Life Rafts

Moving Islands [Rafts] (moderate)

I revisited the Moving Islands exhibit this morning to see all the new additions & changes. Eupalinos Ugajin is the curator of this seemingly impossible collection of art works and part of the joy is that, somehow, they all work together.

Moving Islands [Rafts] (moderate)

Hop on a boat when you arrive and take a tour, but don’t stop there. Make sure you visit as many of these rafts as possible – there are surprises everywhere you land. This is a wonderful exhibit to explore, even if you’ve been there before.

Moving Islands [Rafts] (moderate)

This is (in my mind at least) an art gallery that takes advantage of the possibilities of Second Life. I don’t just mean the art itself, although in most cases that’s true, but also that the works can move (float) around rather than sitting fixed on a wall.

Moving Islands [Rafts] (moderate)

Eupa pointed out that I was the 9,999th visitor to Moving Islands.  That’s the story of my life – if there was a prize given out I’m quite sure it was to the next person. :)

I’ll celebrate anyway with a video highlighting the delight of combining the seemingly incompatible. Sorry if there’s an ad, it’s worth it though! (PS They also do a great Highway to Hell!)

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  1. OMD! I am IN LOVE! This music is so good…and Aeon is a cellist! He now has a challenge! And Moving Islands is wonderful…
    Thank you, Honour!

  1. Juxtaposition & The 9,999th Passenger on Se...
  2. Juxtaposition & The 9,999th Passenger on Se...

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