Get Off My Lawn in Second Life

Space 4 Art (moderate)

The phrase “You kids get off my lawn!”, for those of a certain age, is used by us to indicate that we might be starting to feel like that old f*rt we never intended to become.

Stuff starts happening, or appearing, around us and we can’t deal, so please just take it somewhere else. I really felt old this morning – there are times I think the kids have gone way over the edge, but I’ll get to that at the end of the post.

Space 4 Art (moderate)

Space 4 Art is a sim where four artists have created their own environments. Asmita Duranjaya, Looly Loon, ChapTer Kronfeld, and Celestine Ghiardie are displaying what, to other less experienced viewers, might seem like really weird sh*t.

There’s a sign at the landing area which reads: Warning! You are currently located in a virtual environment. You may be subject to viewing artistic expressions beyond your control in the form of seemingly bizarre objects, avatars, particles and uploaded images.

Space 4 Art (moderate)

This didn’t scare me. I mean, we all are comfortable with the Not Possible in Real Life aspects of the virtual world. I’m starting to have trouble though dealing with the new definitions of what IS possible in real life.

I love big international sporting events. To me they are a lot like Second Life birthday celebrations – segments of the larger Community coming together (albeit with competition thrown in). I check in to various websites these days to see what happened overnight in a place far away.

I can remember when people first started snowboarding on ski hills. There was a LOT of talk about keeping those kids off the runs because, dammit, they got in the way and didn’t have any respect.

Space 4 Art (moderate)

Then extreme skiing started and people were muttering about keeping them off the mountains entirely. If they were going to try and kill themselves they could do it somewhere else. We had no idea what was to come.

I am entirely comfortable with the types of animations and scripting that is done inworld. We fly and do things that people on the physical plane can only dream of. However, the idea that somebody will deliberately ski backwards down a very steep mountain, and go over giant jumps, should probably have remained in the virtual. If it had, I wouldn’t feel quite as old as I do right now. (The first video I posted was restricted to Canada. I’m hoping this one isn’t.)

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  1. Harvey

     /  February 11, 2014

    Thanks for the video Honour!

    That was the kind of thing I was doing on mountains until a couple of years ago – not to that level, but still! Keep in mind that it’s not kids that have never done it before throwing themselves off jumps – the skill required to do this is the result of hours and hours of training, on and off the mountain.

    In the end I stopped because I found it was taking longer and longer to recover when I suffered the inevitable injury, but the respect I have for everybody in this sport remains – they’re pushing the limits of what it means to be human all the time.

  2. Since I only see that kind of stuff on the TV it is still “virtual” to me.
    Cellphones, however, should have stayed in the Dick Tracy comics.

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