Forgetfulness & Trash in Second Life

Trash (general)

I forgot one of my main rules this morning. OK it’s not so much a “rule” as it is an official Prohibition Order, but that’s just quibbling.

It all started when I finally found the reason that the grid is SO CLEAN, you can rarely find litter or dirt when you travel inworld. It turns out that Mexi Lane has the contract to do garbage collection.

Trash (general)

All of that useless waste created by avatars has to wind up somewhere and, it turns out, the dump is on MiC. I grabbed the keys and took off in one of the big machines for a Landfill Tour.

Trash (general)

It was, if you ignored the noise of the engine, a very peaceful way to start the day. Just me and the seagulls and the gawdawful stench of rotting prims.

Trash (general)

I’m almost certain the whole unfortunate incident was caused by a hidden obstacle under the water. It did, however, remind me why I’m not supposed to drive anything inworld. I don’t think it was reasonable to give me a ticket though, it was broken and I was throwing out the trash.

Trash (general)
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  1. That’s too funny! And someone has managed to make garbage beautiful.

  2. The Lindens need some sort of prim recycling program. Do you know how long those prims will take to biodegrade? (Me, neither, but I bet the world will end before they do!)

  1. Forgetfulness & Trash in Second Life | Seco...
  2. Forgetfulness & Trash in Second Life | Seco...

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