Dear Mr. Altberg, Welcome to Second Life!

Gates of Destiny (moderate)

A little more than 3 years ago I went to a lot of trouble to welcome the new CEO – with mixed results. Well OK then, it was a complete failure. I have a much better plan this time around.

Once again I have cooked a very special meal and I’ve packaged it up with some basic gifts designed to smooth Mr. Altberg’s introduction to the grid – the Lab can deal with the administrivia and the larger context. I thought that on this occasion I would include a personal note. Lots of people are shouting to be heard by him, perhaps my voice will be audible while he enjoys a few treats I prepared.

Roche (moderate)

Dear Ebbe, (may I call you Ebbe?)

Welcome to Second Life! It is only part of the organization you now lead, but it is very dear to our hearts. You probably realized from your Twitter messages that we are an enthusiastic, passionate, and often demented population. (I have included a box of earplugs in this gift only so that you can occasionally get some peace.)

There is so much to tell you and to show you. We are proud of so many things and, admittedly, frustrated by some issues as well. The messages you’ve received so far do have one strong thread running through them.

I recognize that a lot of people will tell you they know exactly what you must do to be successful. Paying attention to everybody will make it difficult to settle in to that workstation/corner office/moated castle or wherever the current location of the CEO’s desk is.

Virtual Decay (moderate)

However, if the word “communication” had been a hashtag, it would have trended to the top of the list just based on the conversations you were having yesterday. Allow me to give you a piece of totally unsolicited advice. Remember I have only your best interests at heart!

I hear you’re very interested in Community. So are we, and we’ve built something very special in Second Life. The Residents often bitch about a lack of communication and I have a theory as to why the situation has developed to its current state.

Whatever has or hasn’t happened in the past, it’s the future we’re all concerned with at this point. We welcome you and we wish you the best, in part because you bring us hope. My advice has multiple points, but it’s not complicated.

MiC Imaginarium (general)

No matter what anybody says, you aren’t expected to do all the communicating yourself. Making sure somebody gets it done would, however, be your responsibility.

  • Get people on the ground. Seeing blue dots on the map once again would be a thrill.
  • Take the word Community out of the Marketing Department. Recognize that communication with the Residents should involve more than Public Relations or invitations to purchase new Lab trinkets.
  • Have the interfacing team learn that communicating involves listening more than it does talking. :)

We’re all looking forward to sharing this virtual space and its wonders with you. We wish you much success and will assist in any way we can!

Oh, and could I have my casserole dish back once you’re finished with it?

Yours truly, Honour

Cadenza (general)
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  1. Good advice, well presented :)

  2. Nice post, Honour.

  3. Reblogged this on Caledon: possessed of character and commented:
    oh yes, welcome to Lindens Labs, Mr CEO

  4. nice post my dear… hhmmm what kind of casserole did you make, didn’t realize you could be so domestic…

  5. Honour…wonderful! This kind of communication – direct, warm, and carrying many important messages – is just what’s needed at this juncture. Who wouldn’t listen to you, realise the importance of what you’re relating?
    Thank you – and a whole lot more. You know I tend to “go on” a bit, so I’ll curtail that for now, closing this note with a warm hug, a hearty “salut” and a big thank you (yes, again!).
    Oh….and that casserole. Well… Very creative! That ought to get Mr. Altberg’s attention. :-)

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