Castles & Distractions in Second Life

Beaumont Construction (general)

I’m not crazy about the composition of the images today, but I made the mistake of trying to carry on conversations in email and im while I was taking them.

This was not a good idea – the good news, though, is that I did get to Beaumont Contruction, and the extension next door, and I can give you an idea of what you’ll find.

Beaumont Construction (general)

I saw the location on the Goodnight Photography site, and castles are always fun to explore. Beaumont Construction makes mesh buildings for the Gorean market, but also the general Medieval, Tudor, Viking, and Victorian landscapers.

Not just buildings mind you: there’s a huge ship, and ruins, and bridges. The usual in other words.

Beaumont Construction (general)

The designs and textures are interesting and, to my eyes, unique. The stone castles are imposing without requiring half a sim to host them. He’s also done a really good job of situating them in a natural environment so you feel like you’re exploring some strange country with a multi-cultural citizenry.

One of my favourites of his creations is this really cool mill house.

Beaumont Construction (general)

I’ll try and remember in the future to focus on the job at hand when I’m taking photos. In the meantime, ignore the flaws in these images and go visit someplace full of stone, and timber, and really interesting builds.

You don’t have to be in the market for buying this type of thing to appreciate them. :)

Beaumont Construction (general)
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  1. Marie Resch

     /  February 5, 2014

    I own several of his builds, and his Castle Aragorn is on my sim right now. I invite you to take a look:


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