Community, Clutter & Crutches in Second Life

A&A Town (general)

I followed Bitacora Viajera this morning, off to a quiet seaside corner of the mainland.  A&A Town has a number of unusual characteristics.

The general description isn’t that out of the ordinary: Enjoy a date in this quaint and cozy multinational seaside town, with dining and lifestyle areas to explore. Sample food and drinks of cuisine from various cultures. Have a romantic dance in the jazz bar, sock hop to rock and roll in the diner, relax in the bath and spa, chat over a cuppuccino at the cafe, have a pizza in the piazza. Visit the trawler that brings in the fish for the sushi house.

A&A Town (general)

One of the first differences is that the full name of this Community is A&A Town, Disability and Amputee Awareness. I’ll have more on that below.

Another less usual aspect to the town is that they are “offering free rooms, free homes, and free land in A&A Amputee & Disability Town as extended benefits to users with a SecondLife Premium Membership account“. This is possible because of the 512 sqm tier-free part of the membership – you join the group and donate your free tier level. It is an old scheme, but it means that, depending on the number of people in the Group and the size of the land holdings, Communities can exist without huge bills from the Lab.

A&A Town (general)

There are multiple music venues, a wedding chapel, cafes, and boat mooring. There is at least one outdoor photo exhibit with real life images of amputees (gorgeous!) and there is a store.

The store (or stores) offer amputee avatars, animations and AOs, crutches, and wheelchairs. The latter come with animations for both the person in the chair and, if you like, for the companion pushing the chair. The avatars are really well done, but I didn’t have time to test the animations.

A&A Town (general)

This is very pretty place and they emphasize events and social gatherings. I can imagine living there would give the Residents a sense of place and roots and belonging.

I fell in love with one of the apartments because it felt so lived in. Second Life can be a lot like Star Trek visually – there’s rarely any clutter. This space, and in fact the whole town, seems alive and welcoming. It’s also a great source for crutches!

A&A Town (general)
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  1. Fishies

     /  February 4, 2014

    I went there once and there was a room filled with body parts and a person being run over by a train. It was something!

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