Obsessing Over the Little Things in Second Life

Heimlich (moderate)

If you read this blog occasionally then you know I keep lists. Some of them are just in my head, but I have a lot of lists.

Lists of things I’m supposed to get done; lists of places I want to go explore; lists of topics I want to research and write about. I also have a strange list of things I’d have to classify as obsessions.

Heimlich (moderate)

The latter includes anything that continues to bother me over a period of time for which I have yet to find a solution. This is usually because I don’t have time to spend on something which isn’t very important in the grand scheme of things, but remains as an irritant until I address it.

So for example, I have GOT to fix my new AO and get it to give me a walk that doesn’t look like I’m trying to hip check anybody within 3 meters. I’ll do it one day and until I do I’ll be annoyed every time I’m inworld.

Heimlich (moderate)

My latest addition to this list comes from a simply gorgeous image I found on Koinup the other day. It led me to the island of Heimlich, a “post-apocalyptic vision of the future with some interesting spaces for reflection and photography“.

The build is called Torture Dance. I have no idea why it is but there was no screaming or anything while I was there. They will be having their first Photo Exhibition in a week or so and, until yesterday, you could have submitted your own to be part of it.

Heimlich (moderate)

What I’m obsessing about, however, is the windlight she used in the photo. I don’t know what it is, it might be one she has constructed for herself.

I am determined to find something close though, I just have to test each of the over 800 I currently have in that menu. Once I have some time I will …. until then it’s going to bug me. :)

Heimlich (moderate)
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  1. Is list writing on your list of obsessions?! I keep lists too, but I battling against it with the concept of “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

  1. Obsessing Over the Little Things in Second Life...
  2. Obsessing Over the Little Things in Second Life...

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