The Snake Gives Way to the Horse in Second Life

Kowloon (general)

It’s nice to have an excuse to go back and revisit Kowloon. Not that I really need one, but the fact that (right about the time I publish this post) it is the beginning of the Lunar New Year, when the Snake makes way for the Horse, seems like an appropriate occasion to remind you of this city of cold brick and bright lights.

Kowloon (general)

I arrived this morning near the end of a celebration that had started many hours before. The island was packed with dancers and shouts of Happy Lunar New Year. At least I think that’s what all the shouts were, my translator is not perfect. :)

Kowloon (general)

My favourite part of the sights and sounds and lights were the dragons. You’ve probably seen them in the parades or in photos, costumes held over heads by poles. They were all moving too fast for a really good shot but I did get one of this next guy before he turned around.

Kowloon (general)

ZeeSL has a great post with some of the superstitions surrounding this year on the Lunar calendar, as well as helpful links. As a Snake I think I’m going to have a good year financially, but will be short-tempered.

There are a number of things I must do to remedy the potential negative influences. It’s a long list, but I found a shop that may have some of the items I need.    恭喜发财 !

Kowloon (general)
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