Staging in Second Life

Mirage Island (moderate)

Have you, or a friend or family member, sold a real life home in the past 15 or so years? Remember the need to “stage” the place so it would look attractive for potential buyers?

Mirage Island (moderate)

That’s not the norm in Second Life. How many times have you landed on a piece of barren wasteland (OK fine, empty canvas) with For Rent or For Sale signs?

Mirage Island (moderate)

All indications are that Mirage Island is for rent. The owner, however, has “staged” this homestead so that it is appealing and a really nice place to explore.

Mirage Island (moderate)

Of course I could be wrong. It might be that the tenant just never changed the parcel information, in which case ….. never mind.

Mirage Island (moderate)
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  1. Beautiful! Where do you get your photography? Do you do it yourself through photo editing software? I Love it!

    • I take these images in Second Life.

      You have camera controls (Fstop etc) but also the ability to change the light, mist/fog, angle of the sun, etc.

      The builds are created by others – I’m just an explorer. :)

      The only post-processing I do is to crop and re-scale.

      and Thank you! :)

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