Using the Back Stairs in Second Life

Saikin & Boon (moderate)

It started because I got a message from Uccie, a very odd message. I mean the woman has known me for almost 6 years and she wanted me to go visit a store? Then she said something about ignoring the shopping and running up and down the stairs.

I thought I’d humour her, go look, and then head to one of the other destinations on my list. OMG  I’m lucky to have gotten out of there in time to write this post.

Saikin & Boon (moderate)

The stairs are very dark (I had to tone map that first image just so you could see anything). What’s found behind the doors is surreal.

My first clue that this is not your normal store was a glimpse of a rabbit counting his money. Everywhere I went, through doors, upstairs, into hidden rooms, I found wonderful (albeit odd) surprises. There’s a club in some kind of utility room.

Saikin & Boon (moderate)

There are workrooms, and storage rooms, and bathrooms. I honestly can’t tell you that there’s a logic to the arrangement, it’s like one of those iconic dreams where every door opens onto a totally unrelated space.

The objects seem to belong to different people, as if they were asked to furnish their own little areas.

Saikin & Boon (moderate)

There are displays and art. Lots of art. In some cases the arrangement of everyday objects becomes the art.

It turns out that Uccie does know me well. Go shopping – they have clothes and hair – but for heaven’s sake, climb the back stairs. There’s a magical world to be found through those doors!

Saikin & Boon (moderate)
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  1. Kim Link

     /  January 27, 2014

    It’s the Bradbury Building in LA:
    Or watch Blade Runner again :)

  2. Glad you liked it. I hope you caught the first floor art museum/shop. They remind me of shops I used to see often in Washington, DC and Philadelphia.

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