How Deep is Your Field in Second Life?

KATS (moderate)

I chose KATS as the location for today’s post because it stands for Knowledge Acquired Through Simulation and I was going to experiment with some debug settings.

You might not have this problem, but I haven’t been able to get Depth of Field to work for a long time now. Sometimes I want to highlight something and need that Depth because otherwise the image is too flat.

KATS (moderate)

Knowing smart Second Life bloggers is the solution to most of my inworld problems. In this case, the delightful Ricco Saenz has saved me. His post on getting DofF to actually work is well worth reading!

To summarize, in a very technical manner, it turns out that somewhere in the journey from your SL screen to your hard-drive the pixel pixies go into overdrive removing blur. The larger the image you’re saving, the harder they work.

KATS (moderate)

I save images at 4000 x 2400. This allows me to have lots of options for cropping and it gives a better result. If you have a big window their tummies are already asking to be fed. Anything bigger than the size of your window makes those pixies really hungry.

So what you do is fiddle with CameraFNumber and CameraFocalLength to exaggerate the blur until the result on your hard-drive is what you want. This means what you see in front of you is a mess. I tried to capture it – but I have a large screen and the pixies tried to “improve” it. Trust me – my screen actually looked like it had an inch of vaseline on it.

KATS (moderate)

This requires a lot of experimentation and, honestly, I don’t know how long I would have lasted without my second monitor to review the progress.

In any case, if you’ve had difficulties with Depth of Field, read Ricco’s post and then go play with the settings yourself. It’ll take some work, but at least you’ll get what you want …. eventually. :)

KATS (moderate)
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  1. I feel so honored (no pun intended, i swear!) when you mention me! I’m glad that my post was useful. :)

  2. Ahh finally! I’ve known about the Depth of Field option in the Graphics settings, but that was either on or off. I had wondered before if there was a way to have greater control over this aspect (or rather how)… thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oooh! This comes along at a very opportune moment for me. I was just playing with DoF the other night – and tearing my hair. Now, I think the next go-round will be much more satisfying and fun! Thank you, Honour (again)…and Ricco: you rock!

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