Japanese Gifts of History & a Tree in Second Life

Nagasaki Bakumatsu (moderate)

Today began with moderate expectations. I saw this photo taken in a Kimono Shop and thought I’d go see a Japanese retail sim. I found shops and people shopping, but there is so much more.

Nagasaki Bakumatsu is full of that City’s history, with explanations and beautiful builds.

Nagasaki Bakumatsu (moderate)

Founded by the Portuguese, this was the primary location in Japan allowed to trade with outsiders for a very long time (something about the Spanish plan to invade seemed to annoy the rulers of the day so they limited contact).

The region displays a number of iconic National Treasures associated with Nagasaki’s history in the mid-19th Century (the Bakumatsu period when the isolationist policy ended).

Nagasaki Bakumatsu (moderate)

You’ll find a huge replica of the Kanrin-Maru, a faithful representation of the Glover Residence, a landmark church and a temple where you can train with your Katana. They don’t require historically accurate dress, but do request that you not wear scripted weapons (apart from the sword) or appear too futuristic.

Next door is Kyoto Bakumatsu. I had just enough time to find the Japanese Language School, but I do plan to return and see what I can learn about that City.

Kyoto Bakumatsu (moderate)

Sticking with today’s Japanese theme, I wanted to share a gift I received this morning from Quark Fallen – you’ll know him from his sim Leroy and his landscape work.

I belong to his update group and the small open area next to my house is now the proud residence of this Ume Tree (Japanese Apricot). I love Second Life :)

The Ume Tree
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  1. DJ Frenzy

     /  January 22, 2014

    I am without a doubt, a devout Nippon o phile.. lovely pics and a must see destination!

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