Judgement & Destiny in Second Life

Gates of Destiny (moderate)

Loverdag has published another set of exceptional photographs (which she does with a frequency that would be annoying if I didn’t love them so much) and this one sent me to Gates of Destiny.  She’s used one of my favourite avatars in her shots and the location is perfect for them.

Gates of Destiny (moderate)

This sim reminds the visitor that “You are the creator of your own destiny.” This is, of course, true in all our lives but Second Life is a good place for that nudge because we can be whatever we want. Right?

Saying that, choices will vary and differences will result. This piece by Kate McLaglen called Meditating Differences illustrated a problem we encounter all too often.

Gates of Destiny (moderate)

I saw another argument play out on a social network about choices people made regarding their avatars and lives on the grid. For some reason there are those in every life who feel they have the right to loudly disapprove of others.

It’s true that Gor makes my skin crawl, and I have no ambition to emulate Barbie, but there are lots of people who choose both. Neither of those groups would stay awake at night worrying about my opinion – and there’s no reason they should.

Gates of Destiny (moderate)

I doubt that all the Judgement Janes out there will care what I think either, but they might want to remind themselves that everybody else also has the same right and ability to live their Second Lives as they choose. Castigating, rebuking, and screaming at communities you don’t like is a complete waste of time and effort.

Meditating on differences is a choice I personally don’t recommend. It doesn’t harm you if they’re not living your life. Just carry on though, I suspect they’re smart enough to know how much attention you (or I) deserve. :)

Gates of Destiny (moderate)
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