Migrating Your Brain into Second Life

Farstar New Earth 6 Apollo Colony (adult)

I’m using Farstar to illustrate my ramblings today. Note, though, that this sim is NOT home to the organization I’m going to discuss, nor (as far as I know) is it involved in the project or research underway.

The Farstar New Earth 6 Apollo Colony is described as the “Home of Transhuman/Post human society. Discarding the old ways of a marginalistic society.”  and that dovetails nicely with the group I encountered, quite by accident, this morning.

Farstar New Earth 6 Apollo Colony (adult)

I saw this photo on Koinup and, while I don’t usually read advertisements, this one was intriguing (which means I didn’t understand it but wanted to). I went to visit their region and found a normal academically inclined type of build – not dramatic enough for the subject. That’s why I’m using Farstar instead. :)

They are Terasem Movement Inc. and if you google that word you find a LOT of information and many, many sites. I haven’t had enough time to delve very deeply into their literature, but I’m going to attempt to summarize the little I’ve gleaned.

Farstar New Earth 6 Apollo Colony (adult)

From their Mission Statement, the Terasem Movement “focuses on preserving, evoking, reviving and downloading human consciousness.” In my own words, they’re going to extend our lives by moving our minds into the metaverse. We’ll live forever!

I know we’ve spoken over the years about turning into pixels after our physical selves departed – I hadn’t realized that somebody was actually working on it. It makes perfect sense that they’d have a presence in Second Life. In fact, they hold colloquiums inworld and we have the opportunity to participate in at least one aspect of the movement, the CyBeRev Project. We need invitations to join, though, but I think that being a Second Life resident would give us a distinct advantage.

Farstar New Earth 6 Apollo Colony (adult)

I’m still brain-fogged enough at the moment that I did a weird thought riff on the implications for the Lab and Second Life if all this comes to pass. The results looked like this:

  • Living permanently inworld will probably require a third type of membership.
  • Earning a “living” on the grid will have new meaning.
  • The Lab couldn’t shutdown Second Life without committing murder. (that would be an interesting court case)
  • Finding ways to teleport between virtual worlds would take on a much higher priority.
  • If the Lab thinks people nag them now …. imagine the drama we could create!

If I sound like I’m being facetious about this I apologize. This is a serious endeavour, I just haven’t had the time to research it thoroughly. I did have this brief vision of the now solely virtual me stopping on a road to provide valuable, albeit unsolicited, insight and advice to a couple of newbies. I suspect we’d all be avoided as the arrogant know-it-alls we’d likely become. :)

Farstar New Earth 6 Apollo Colony (adult)
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  1. First of all, I had to clean my glasses. I read into this quite a ways before I realized it was Farstar and not Fartsar, which I thought a peculiar if not amusing name for a sim. Oooooh. Wait. Second of all, the title presupposes there is a brain to migrate to someplace. The preceding sentence would seem to support the notion that in my case “not so much”. After I muddled through and got things straight (and cleaner), this is a cool notion. Great for pondering with a nice bourbon (I’m kind of fond of Eagle Rare right now) and getting all fullofsophical.

  2. Another fascinating post. Thanks for sharing. I’m fascinated by the idea of converting our minds to binary code stored virtually, although when they take the data, time wise, would be interesting, as I’m very different to what I was a few years back. It’s very much like the Holograms on classic British Sci-Fi comedy Red Dwarf. Our personalities coming back to life in Virtual Versions of ourselves.

    • I’d like to think we continue to improve throughout our lives. The good news if that is true is that, according to something I saw on their sim, they’re talking about the time between the heart stopping and the brain dying.
      I don’t know if I actually understood it correctly though :p

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