Taking a Hint in Second Life

Tempelhof (adult)

I can take a hint. Particularly on a day when I just want to crawl back into bed. I was checking out my blogroll for exploration ideas and immediately noticed the universe was sending me a message. I’m glad I listened.

Tempelhof (adult)

Bitacora Viajera↑ had gone to Tempelhof, so had Expediente-SL. When I got to Caitlin’s blog and she had visited as well I decided that I really had no choice. I told the universe to just shut-up already and headed inworld.

Tempelhof (adult)

Described as “Once a highly fashionable coastal resort – now run down and under heavy fire …“, the town is beautifully done. Yes the harbour, with its rusty submarines, is impressive, but my favourite image is of a resident desperately clinging to the past in the midst of bunkers topped by gun emplacements.

Tempelhof (adult)

One personal note. If my brain wasn’t already behaving strangely enough I got a message from my sister. She had a dream I dropped in for a visit and gave instructions for making my tea: “Wet the tea bag on Tuesday, on Wednesday pour hot water on the bag and then suck the bag…”

I keep swearing I’m low maintenance but her subconscious doesn’t seem to agree. I’m going back to bed … bring my tea at 3:00.

Tempelhof (adult)
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  1. another hint… 1920s Berlin… ;)

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