Vampire Bikers & a Selfie in Second Life

Bayou Leveau (adult)

It appears that, for the first time in over a decade, I’m the innocent victim of some annoying tribe of germs. I blame my sister.

I don’t do “sick” well, I get a bit grumpy (OK, grumpier). Like an idiot I decided to do something I never enjoy while I was already less than cheerful. I went shopping. A sim full of vampire bikers, Bayou Leveau, seemed like the perfect backdrop to reflect my mood. :) (Update: The sim is no longer open to the public.)

Bayou Leveau (adult)

It started the other day when I landed on a region and was waiting for my avatar to rez. I sat here *cough* patiently, watching the egg, and noticed my shadow. It was Honour, but she was naked. That was disconcerting.

It made me start thinking about her outfit, which she’s been wearing for years. I like it – it feels comfortable. It suits her – but it’s really old. An update to mesh seemed long overdue.

Bayou Leveau (adult)

The reason I hate shopping is that I am bad at it. I don’t have the patience to seek out the perfect item – but I’m also not easily satisfied. So I buy things quickly to get out of there, and then wind up selecting only bits & pieces, which means I have to go shop some more.

After multiple attempts to use Marketplace, and some inworld trips, I’m almost ready to settle on a kludged-together, updated version of her old outfit.

Bayou Leveau (adult)

I don’t share selfies very often – I’m much more interested in landscapes (and modelling is not one of my skills). However, for those who know me, Honour has some new armour and is wearing parts of an outfit from Unzipped. She hasn’t traded in her belt yet, and will keep an eye out for a better mesh kilt, but she’s sooo not 2010 (09?) anymore. :)

Precious Orchid Island (general)
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  1. Gorgeous! :):)

  2. I actually need to shop myself. I spend time in combat areas now and then in my ordinary clothes. Ladylike coat, hairband and lady boots with a little scarf and a machine gun. Picture that… :O)

  3. I only do one thing, search on marketplace the word free, then type from o to o l and from the most recent, you will not dream how many great mesh outifts are available for free and a lot really good ones! Of course not armor ones, lol!

  4. And i cant stop smiling, i belong to a biker Mc that has as its president one of the most enthusiastic vampire role player on all Sl and i stil cant figure why one wishes to be a vampire, lol! But for sure i love riding a bike across mainland or so many states that have roads!

  5. LOL you look ready to expire, hope you are feeling better =^_^=

  6. I think you look very good! However….I just cannot for the LIFE of me imagine anyone not wanting to shop…SHOP….SHHHOOOOOPPP!!!!…;)

  7. Ooooh, shopping! It’s one of my passions…RL and SL. It’s all I can do to stay out of the shoppes on any given day – or night – but it’s all so much FUNNNN!
    You, my dear, look fantabulous! Cobbling together an outfit is an ART, Honour, and I like your outfit. It’s distinctive! It looks like it belongs together – even the colours and textures match up nicely.
    You do look a mite grumpy, but since you’re sick, that’s OK. Whirl up some nice orange juice with some ice in the VitaMix – and throw in a few leaves of spinach or kale – and sip until the glass is empty and then make some more. OR…make some lemony or creamy tea…and relax!
    Feel better soon! (And let me know the next time you want to shop. I have ideas………!)

  8. A selfie from you?
    Next thing you know, you’ll be doing Uccie’s Topless Tuesday.


  9. This place seems to be private property! They let me take some pictures but were kind of not happy!

  10. Hello i am Yami Mun (Moonwarrior0) head of security at Bayou LeVeau. The sim is not currently ready for those who wish to explor yet and will be open on the 20th of January. On said day all are welcome to come and join us at our new club The Rats Nest. And will be able to take pictures. But I ask that you please respect the privacy of the homes on land and the rooms in the castle.

    • Thank you for the information :) And all of my readers know to keep out of private spaces! I promise! It is a beautiful sim.:)

      • I am terribly sorry to have to do this, but because we have had people not listening we are going to start to ban anyone who doest listen and enters any of the living or personal areas. No questions asked.

  11. I regret to inform you all, but the sim is now closed and made private due to the owners wishes. We had more people not following the rules and she made this executive decision. Again I sorry but will be be asking people to leave from now on.

    • It does make one wonder if you will reopen especially from what I was reading the sim was to be opened “officially” as of tomorrow, or it will all continued to be closed completely. I haven’t visited, but it seems that because other people tend to be a bit thick in the head, it has ruined it for others who wish to politely adventure… would be nice to know either way.

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