The Paper Observatory in Second Life

Paper Observatory (general)

I am, as regular readers will know, a dedicated fan of Haveit Neox.  I love walking through his worlds, his buildings, his textures, and watching his people.

With that in mind, understand that it was only with the greatest of difficulty that I could pull myself away from the Paper Observatory to write this post.

Paper Observatory (general)

There is a one month interim between the end of the most recent LEA Artist in Residence Grants and the next cycle, which begins February 1. Rather than leaving all those sims fallow, Secret Rage scrambled and offered 15 artists a region to play on.

They had 2 days notice and only 1 month to build and exhibit their creations. There’s a LOT going on and you can keep up with their progress (and the other projects taking place) on the blog.

Paper Observatory (general)

Hav does a wonderful job of describing his city, built in concentric circles like a satellite dish, his Observatory, and the thoughts of his population in this post. I’ll just tell you that it’s something you really, really need to go see and enjoy.

Paper Observatory (general)

The concept of “ephemera” always occurs to me when I experience his work. The fact that he references paper in this build just reinforced those thoughts and not just about the subject matter. The transient nature of any construct in the metaverse, particularly art, leads to the few occasions when I ponder great metaphysical thoughts. :)

Taking photos is my attempt to hang on to those moments and images I don’t want to lose. Go immerse yourself in this City, and its giant Observatory, you only have until the end of the month.

Paper Observatory (general)
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  1. It looks spectacular. Inara Pey blogged about it, too, and with your endorsement and hers I have already made a note to visit!

  2. :0 OMG !! New work of Mr.Neox ……. OMG OMG
    I am sure that is amazing AGAIN , as usual …. :))))))))))))
    Thanks a lot Honour , another a few days to go back to my usual life ,
    cannot wait to visit there ! :))))))))))))))))))))))9

  1. The Paper Observatory in Second Life | Second L...

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