The Grass is Always Greener in Second Life

Palma Beach (moderate)

We’re never satisfied, we always want something more and/or different. Take the weather (please!*).

Most of North America, east of us here on the West Coast, are enduring a Polar Vortex (I didn’t make that up and, apparently, it’s a term they’ve used for years, just not publicly). Temperatures are falling to record lows, at one point somewhere in Manitoba it reached -53°C (-63.4 in American).

Palma Beach (moderate)

Most, particularly those in the South who never expect freezing temperatures, are wishing it was summer. You could have that wish if you went to visit Australia right now, of course you still might not be comfortable.

A pasty-white albino Vampire I know posted a current weather map this morning. It shows one town which expects the high temperature to reach 52°C (125.6 in fahrenheit). It is luckily a “dry heat”. (a few people will get that joke)

Palma Beach (moderate)

Some might decide to avoid the extremes altogether. Stick with winter but head for temperate. England would seem like a logical choice – unfortunately temperate doesn’t always mean benign.

It’s been raining in the UK recently – a lot. Saffia shared these remarkable before and after pictures – even wet stuff can do a great deal of damage.

Palma Beach (moderate)

So, what do we do? We run away to the great escape that is Second Life. Just for a while, just to briefly experience a world where the weather is under OUR control.

My friend here reminded me that “this too shall pass”. Of course, that’s when the job of cleaning up starts. Nothing’s easy.

* for you young people, this is a reference to an old comedian named Henny Youngman.

Palma Beach (moderate)
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  1. To make up for the weak U.S. dollar, American temperatures have to have bigger (absolute) numbers. It’s an ego thing.

  2. You do know that an oven is dry heat, too…right? ;)

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  2. The Grass is Always Greener in Second Life | Se...

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