I Hate Writing Titles – Just Go See This in Second Life!

Hall 1 – Cathedral Dreamer (moderate)

I’ve had to take extra time writing this post; what I really want to say would involve language that violates my intention of maintaining a blog that is safe for work and families, etc. The words I was muttering to myself didn’t qualify. It seems that my first, and ongoing, reaction to something this wonderful results in lots of swearing – the good kind. :)

Let me start at the beginning. Two of my biases met in a head-on crash this morning. The first is a love for fractals which manifested itself way back when I saw Arthur C. Clarke’s documentary. It was too late for me to change my mind and stay in Math, but I just knew that amazing things were going to be done. As much as I loved the algorithms which resulted in visuals like the Mandlebrot Set, I kept waiting for something more.

I saw the “more” today.

Hall 2 – Cathedral Dreamer (moderate)

My other bias, which was a negative one, was against 2D art in a virtual world. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just love immersive 3D so much that 2D isn’t something I’ve wanted to spend a lot of time with.

My mind was changed dramatically by Gem Preiz. This artist’s one month exhibit on LEA6 opens officially this afternoon. In the four halls he displays fractal creations which show power and beauty and realize the possibilities of this geometry combined with art.

I’m in love ….. again.

The landing spot brings you to the crossroads “symbolizing the choices which each of us inevitably has to make about the various attitudes towards Life, the world and other people“. There are 4 halls around you and visiting them in order will take you on a journey.

Hall 3 – Cathedral Dreamer (moderate)

I know my images and words are not enough, so I’m also going to share Gem’s short videos with you (the links are provided for each Hall). Watch them and you’ll have a much better idea of what he’s done and his thoughts.

Hall 1 shows us where water reigns. This is your first indication of how stunning advanced work in fractal art can be.

The images in Hall 2 drew me back repeatedly. It uses fractals to evoke “the frantic human activity through contructions ….. which are all doomed to decay“. Gem has a gallery where his works are for sale, I’m going to visit later today and try to get some of these pieces.

Hall 4 – Cathedral Dreamer (moderate)

Hall 3 is the location of the Cathedral in the exhibit’s title. It’s a case of being careful of what you wish for. The south path leads you to Hall 4 where reality is suspended and you move beyond Time.

You can learn much more about the exhibit and Gem’s intentions on the UWA website. I plan to go shopping just as soon as I can tear myself away.

One last thought from Inara Pey when we were discussing this exhibit, the difficulties in photographing and sharing 2D art (Our conclusion is that anybody can rip the images from inworld, although we hope they don’t. That they can take them from a blogger’s attempt to share something wonderful makes our job fraught with peril, but not sharing is worse!), she said “I just wish there were a way of running algorithms like that inside SL and seeing them use nanoprims to create 3D environments by building them as fractal elements.” Agreed. I’d love to immerse myself in Gem’s art – but, I’ll thoroughly enjoy it in 2D until then. :)

Hall 2 – Cathedral Dreamer (moderate)
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  1. Simple solution to the 2D art “theft” problem… make immersive and interactive 3D art that must be experienced within the platform. Ta-da.

    Or, if you insist on presenting 2D art in the SL space, do it in a way that the full value/impression of the art can only be experienced within SL. (audio tour, interactive layers about how the art was constructed, relationships with other works of art, inspirations, etc.)


    • It’s always going to be an issue – but, it becomes a pain in the ass for bloggers when we’re attacked for facilitating theft.
      I try and make sure that I don’t show the image in full or without added bits, but if people can steal mesh objects and clothing, nothing is going to stop them from ripping 2D images.

  2. Oh, I can’t wait to login to see this, as it sounds absolutely fascinating – in a very layered and rich way that I am bound to love. I’m into the experiential, and some 2D artworks draw me in – albeit in different ways than the 3D. I appreciate Mr. R. Crap Mariner’s comments (as I always do), and it is my hope that all ways of protecting the creations of artists are used to ensure their security as well as possible.
    Artwork – as sturdy and as strident as it can sometimes be – is precious indeed (perhaps especially so in the virtual world) and worthy of our respect. This encompasses all expressions of art including writing, spoken word, music, and all visual art and creation, etc. I say a heatrfelt “thank you” to all those who share their inspirations and creativity here – and everywhere! (And thank you, Honour…yet again…)

  3. Inara Pey

     /  January 6, 2014

    Gem’s work blows me away. I strongly recommend you go to his gallery as well, as there are more examples there.

    I know what you mean about Sir Arthur: it was reading his pieces of fractals and mandlebrots that got my little brain whirring and clunking and fascinated several years ago.

    As to the art theft issue, a difficulty bloggers often face is in trying to present pieces without appearing to all use the “same” image(s). Both you and Ziki, for example use almost the same angle / view of the Cathedral piece – and I have more-or-less the same view / angle sitting in my set of images from the exhibit; I just opted not to use it in my blog (as I’d seen Ziki use it).

    Ergo, at time, images wind up on blog pages which *possibly* lend themselves more easily to being downloaded and used; but as we discussed, that same opportunity (to download and use) lies within each and every viewer. Yet without that self-same issue, bloggers would not be able to commend works and places to others with the same visual impact that has then champing at the bit to go see. Thus sits a virtual conundrum.

    Anyway, thanks for quoting me :).

  4. Kyouko

     /  January 6, 2014

    I think you did it right, because 2D art and 3D environment can be seen together on your photos. So you show pictures of the exhibition and not a copy of the works of art.

  5. Inara Pey

     /  January 6, 2014

    Honour… forgot the link to Gem’s gallery!

  6. orijinalchris

     /  January 8, 2014

    Love that top image (:

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