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Isole Angeliche (moderate)

I am a weak individual, subject to the slings & arrows of outrageous whim. In other words, it doesn’t matter how many lists I have of places to visit or topics to post, if I see something that looks interesting I just throw all the plans away and go explore.

Today’s destination, Isole Angeliche, is Berry’s fault. I saw her photo and forgot everything else. The following bits & pieces should all probably enjoy separate posts, but before they’re forgotten we’ll just reference them in this one.

Isole Angeliche (moderate)

First some art news. The fabulous Nessuno Myoo is featured in a real life arts journal. Someday I’ll learn Italian, but in the meantime I believe the title translates as His Name Is Nessuno.

There are a number of things happening on the LEA Grant sims in this period between residencies. Two offer you an opportunity to participate: the always dangerous Eupalinos Ugajin has teamed up with Ole Etzel (I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea for those two to meet) and is doing In the Belly of the Whale.  In addition, Mr. Bones (Ole) will be doing machinima workshops. You should really check it out!

Isole Angeliche (moderate)

Secret Rage, who apparently doesn’t have enough to keep her occupied, is doing a Flash Mob Art Collection.  She has two sims to play with and will just keep adding the works you give her until she’s got 30,000 prims.

A real life online art project (is that an oxymoron?) made me feel guilty this morning. I was fussing with viewers – Project Interesting was taking a timeout I think – and wound up downloading a new Beta that is designed to fix something that got screwed up in file nomenclature (just read the Release Notes for a semi-coherent explanation). As I was doing the “rez dammit” dance I did a bit of tab-sufing and saw this link from Ceejay Writer. If a 73 year old man can do that with Excel, then I have to stop whining when there’s a tiny glitch inworld.

Isole Angeliche (moderate)

For those inclined to enjoy the random bits of life, Botgirl has added a tumblr/blog thingie to her list of writing projects. She and John Scalzi are two of my favourite people on Twitter, so if you find your timeline there a little dull then add them. I should note that, if you follow John, you’ll wind up adding a number of others because they have bizarre, yet hilarious, improv debates that you don’t want to miss.

Having admitted my inevitable submission to whim, I will say that I can focus for brief periods of time. Today is the day I have marked to clean/sort my inventory. sigh I’m convinced that a great view and a bottle of something clearly alcoholic can only help. :)

Isole Angeliche (moderate)
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