Dreams & Romance & Second Life

Mystic Winter Dream (adult)

In a perfect world I could fashion my dreams the way talented people fashion their sims. My life, at least, isn’t near perfection and so my dreams last night involved an intense debate about irony. Really! It’s a long story.

Mystic Winter Dream (adult)

I got a tip about Mystic Winter Dream, the island home of Adonis Lubitsch, and went to visit this morning. I would much rather have spent last night in this magical fantasy landscape!

Mystic Winter Dream (adult)

One of the things I love about his sim is that he buys art and uses it. I saw pieces by Cherry Manga and Rebeca Bashley (among others). I think Ado is responsible for displaying the works and combining them with other objects or material to create lovely little vignettes.

Mystic Winter Dream (adult)

This island has the single-most romantic club I can remember visiting. I wish I could do it justice – you’ll just have to trust me.

We’re not going to get away from snow for a while – this destination is the type that makes all the white stuff palatable. Now if he could just do my dreams. :)

Mystic Winter Dream (adult)
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